Sales Terms for Booksellers

To avoid the cost of warehousing and the waste of unsold stock, CVP Books prints our books on demand. We do not use a distributor. But ordering from us is easy: most CVP Books are available to bookstores at a 50% discount, and we ship on a pre-paid, non-returnable basis.

TO ORDER CVP BOOKS: please write to orders (at) Claremont Village Press or call (909) 451-9815.

ON ALL ORDERS: There is a four copy minimum for discounted orders. If fewer copies are required, we will consider each order individually.

Questions or concerns of any kind? Please write to us at orders (at) Claremont Village Press or call us at (909) 451-9815 and we’re happy to help. Check this page, or contact us for the latest in promotions, upcoming titles, and the news that affects booksellers.

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